Girl-talk-Girl Program

Girl-talk-Girl connects young women worldwide, using mobile digital storytelling (2-5 minute multimedia narratives produced on mobile phones) to spark dialogue and change around the gender-based violence present in their lives.

The program by Footage Foundation (Footage) began in 2014 with a United States-Russia Peer-to-Peer Dialogue Program Award from the U.S. State Department and developed a dynamic collaboration between young women at risk of experiencing violence in New York City and St. Petersburg. After the stories were showcased, the Girl-talk-Girl team and program participants created a downloadable toolkit for use in community and education settings, which includes a program overview, analysis of the ways participants understand gender-based violence, stories with discussion points, and guidelines for fostering local and international dialogue. With the same award in 2015, the program scaled by training participants as Mobile Digital Storytelling Leaders who guided additional young women through the transformative process of telling their stories. Watch the micro-documentary on the Girl-talk-Girl United States-Russia program below.

Now, the program has expanded to reach individuals in other cities and countries, including young women internally displaced from eastern Ukraine and Crimea in 2017 and first generation women students at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 2018 with Public Diplomacy Program Awards from the countries' respective United States Embassies.

Production by Gina Fontanini, La-G Productions. Graphic Design and Animation by Kristina Langhein. Field Footage by Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton.

Young women at the Girl-talk-Girl workshops in New York City and St. Petersburg explore the violences impacting women of diverse backgrounds and life experiences.