10 Days 10 Voices 1 World Campaign Launch!

“Women and girls affected by conflict must be regarded as more than victims of brutality; they are agents of change who, if given the opportunity, can transform their societies.”  
Ambassador Melanne Verveer – Executive Director, Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security

Dear Supporters, 

While you may not have experienced violence or displacement, undoubtedly you know someone who has: a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter, your neighbor, your world. These issues aren’t foreign, they’re personal, they are an intricate part of your world – and you can help.

Our award-winning Girl-talk-Girl program has made an immense impact in the lives of young women in New York City and St. Petersburg, Russia. Our voice methods will make a difference among young women living as refugees.

Today we launch our largest expansion campaign 10 Days 10 Voices 1 world starting with the release of our micro-documentary. You can see for yourself how young women in NYC and St. Petersburg, were brave enough to use their voices and spark a movement to end violence against women.

Young women have been committed enough to start this movement. We urge you now to be brave enough to continue their mission to unleash the power of compassion, and bring our empowering voice program to courageous young women seeking safety and refuge.

Our strategy is multi-tiered: if we can raise $25K we can ensure that young women in one refugee camp benefit from our program and their voices can be heard. For every additional $25K raised we can extend our program to young women in another camp, in another country, and can give them the opportunity to join the global conversation through our transformative approach.

Our aim is to reach as many young women as possible in refugee camps across Europe and beyond.

$25K = 1 camp | $50K = 2 camps | $75K = 3 camps

Every dollar counts, donations as little as 5 dollars ensures a young women makes it to one of our workshops.

This campaign is about numbers – about compassionate action - about showing solidarity. So please, join the journey and create your personal fundraising page to share with your social network (directions below).  

Watch our microdocumentary and give today.

Please do not let these brave souls down. I will continue to reach out to you over the next month, and I know, together, we will make this happen. 

With gratitude, as ever. 


Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton
Executive Director & Co-Founder
Footage Foundation

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