Caldwell Bishop Lead Communications Consultant 

Gina Fontanini Lead Media Production Consultant

Kristina Langhein Lead Design and Branding Consultant

Simon Robinson, PhD Lead Computer Science Consultant


Zoe Smolen Communications and Social Media Intern

Lillian Parry Design Intern

Emily Batista Technology Intern










Program Leaders

Dr Kristen Ali Eglinton 

Girl-talk-Girl Program Director

Kristen is the Project Director of the Girl-talk-Girl project and the Executive Director of Footage.

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Dr Antonina Tereschenko 

Girl-talk-Girl Program Manager  

Antonina is the Girl-talk-Girl Project Manager and works alongside Kristen, the project Director on various aspects of the US-Russia Peer-to-Peer Dialogue Program such as preparing workshops, the development of toolkit, as well as on building links and coordinating activities between the countries.

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Elvira Arif

Girl-talk-Girl Russia Project Coordinator

Elvira belongs to the Center for Youth Studies, and is a lecturer in sociology at the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg. Her interests include youth culture, issues of drug use, body, gender studies, discourse analysis. 

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